My Fitness Journey

Workin' on My Fitness

Have you ever had one of those moments where a light bulb goes off in your head? Like a switch is flipped and this rush of motivation just washes over you? I have. It was AMAZING! It still is!

Let me preface this by telling you that I have been overweight since I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. Moderation has never been easy for me. If I like something, I want to eat it… all. Exercise never really appealed to me either. Getting all gross and sweaty, out of breath, and just uncomfortable wasn’t my idea of fun. I always knew HOW to lose weight, everyone does. Burn more calories than you consume… easy, right? Well if it were easy, there wouldn’t be countless programs and diets out there to help people lose and keep the weight off would there? The concept is easy, but training your brain to be in the right mindset is hard! That is why so many people struggle. The idea of restricting yourself from the foods you absolutely love, and feeling like you can never have them again is a dreadful feeling. This is why I have always struggled with sticking to a healthier lifestyle. I was wrong. You can enjoy foods you love, if you learn the key principle of moderation.

Let’s get back to what flipped my switch. I was on Facebook one day, and saw an ad pop up on my feed for a local gym. They were promoting a 6 week boot camp that you could join for FREE. This got my attention. The idea of exercise sounded awful, but I knew I needed to do something! I was not living my best life. I wanted more confidence, to be healthier, not to mention feel SEXY, and to help my mom do the same. I told her about it, and we signed up to go to their information meeting. At the meeting, we learned that the 6 week boot camp wasn’t actually free, but would cost $500 upfront (which they allowed us to split into 2 payments) and if we lost 25 pounds, or 6% body fat in the 6 weeks we would get our money back. Talk about  motivation right there, am I right?! Even though we really couldn’t afford it, we invested the money into ourselves and started the program. They gave us a strict meal plan to follow, and we were to come in to their gym 3 times a week for a 30 minute work out. Those 30 minutes kicked our butts, but just when we thought we were going to die…it was over! It was totally doable! The type of workout was HIIT training, or high intensity interval training. My mom and I really enjoyed each workout, and loved getting stronger. The meal plan was easy to follow as well. I thought about it like a formula: Lean protein, complex carbs, and some sort of veggie for every meal. Snacks could be fruit, nuts, veggies, etc.

Each week we weighed in, and each week we saw the pounds dropping. That was more motivation right there. We were really working hard to get our money back! I wanted my $500!

Sadly by the end of the 6 weeks, neither of us lost 25 pounds, BUT we lost about 17-18 pounds, and it kick started our healthy lifestyle. I ended up not caring about losing the money, because that $500 started me on the right path and gave me the motivation I needed to get my butt in gear. I kept up with the meal plan after the 6 weeks was over, although I did incorporate a cheat meal in once a week, and I kept working out a few times a week. To date I have lost over 40 pounds, and have kept it off! I am SO proud of myself for sticking with this lifestyle and I actually enjoy working out now, even being sweaty, out of breath, and uncomfortable. When my muscles are screaming and the soreness sets in, I smile because I know change is taking place. I feel more confident, sexier, and above all I know I am setting myself up for a long and healthy life.

I am not as strict on my eating as I was during the boot camp, because let’s get for real….$500 is no longer on the line. I still make much healthier choices every day though, and I balance out my diet much better. I am also in the gym at least 3 times a week! I LOVE lifting weights in a class called Body Pump, and going to dance cardio classes like U-Jam Fitness, or Zumba. My friend and fellow Adventure Club member, Tammy, is my workout partner. We help keep each other accountable. She’s lost about 50 pounds as well! I wouldn’t change this lifestyle for anything!

Below you will see me in July 2018 at a Color Street conference on the left, and me with my precious little sister on the right in April 2017. I started my fitness journey in December of 2017.

I hope this can inspire someone to start making small changes, but because a lot of small changes lead up to a big one!


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