Cleo’s Bath (or sink?)

Adventure Club

In September my friends Tammy, Alexis, and I decided to take a day to get out into nature and enjoy it with a hike. After some back and forth about where to go, we settled on Pinecrest Lake in California. It had been ages since I had been there and I remembered how beautiful it was. Pinecrest has just the type of woodsy, mountainous feel we were looking for, so we decided to look up hiking trails in the area using the app All Trails. While searching I came across the trail for Cleo’s Bath. The app said it was a moderate trail, which seemed great for us. After looking at some pictures from other hikers, we were sold. We should have looked at some reviews from other hikers, but hindsight is 20/20, right?

We were super excited to spend the day together adventuring that we texted non-stop the night before in a group chat asking each other what we were packing in our backpacks, if we should bring bug spray, how much water to pack, etc. etc. We set our meeting time at 7 am, and went to bed. 7 am came quick the next morning, but we were all there, ready to start our day. We hit the Starbucks drive through, and we were on our way to Pinecrest. I was the driver.

I looked up Cleo’s Bath in my Google Maps app and started the directions. I should have went through the All Trails app to find the address, but again that hindsight is 20/20. I’m pretty sure my Google Maps wanted to bypass the hiking trail, and take us straight to Cleo’s Bath by vehicle! We were taken onto some dirt road that was VERY rocky! I’m surprised my Kia Sportage handled it so well. We were definitely in need of a 4-wheel drive on that road. We were skeptical, but the GPS said to go that way, so we kept going. We started passing by men and their trucks parked on the side of this rocky, rocky dirt road getting their rifles out and ready with their orange vests on. Surely a hiking trail wouldn’t be on hunting grounds, right? We probably should have turned around at that point, but GPS knows all so we kept on driving. The road got increasingly rockier, and we started getting a little nervous. This didn’t look like a place that would have bathrooms at the start of a trail, and we all REALLY needed there to be bathrooms. When my car started to slide on the dirt we decided this probably wasn’t the way and we needed to turn around. Only…there wasn’t a place to do so. I had to BACK OUT of that road. There was a pretty big rock in the road behind me, and Alexis had to get out and navigate me around it. To top it off there was a Jeep ahead of me that was driving down the road, and a huge Dodge Ram behind me that wanted to drive up it! Talk about the pressure being on! Luckily both vehicles were pretty patient with me and allowed me to back out down the road, although neither vehicle full of men decided to get out and try to help us. Finally I was able to navigate around the rock in the road, and the Jeep was able to come down and go around us. The Dodge Ram was also able to go up and around us, and as they were passing us we asked them to roll down their window so we could ask where the trail for Cleo’s Bath was. Those Duck Dynasty looking dudes were judging us so hard. They had no clue what Cleo’s Bath was, and gave us this look like they thought we were dumb women who didn’t know how to drive…. whatever. After they passed, we finished backing out and started back down the road the way we came in. We stopped and looked at the All Trails app and decided to try clicking the directions button within the app. The GPS, who didn’t know everything after all, now had the right directions to where we wanted to go. We were finally on the right path!  Once we arrived at Pinecrest Lake, we saw BATHROOMS. Yes, this is what we were expecting to see, camp grounds, bathrooms, people, parking lots. We were finally in the right place. Our hike hadn’t even started but we already felt like we had an adventure!

If you haven’t been to Pinecrest, I strongly urge you to go! It is SO beautiful. When we first started walking we were just taken aback by the stunning views. The lake is magical and the mountains around it are so picturesque.  This was exactly what kind of a hike we were in the mood for…or so we thought.


As we continued on the the trail, enjoying the views, we began talking about hiking, adventures, and traveling. We discovered that all three of us have a desire to do all of those things. This is the time when the Adventure Club came to be. All three of us enjoy spending our time trying new things, making memories, and having experiences. Why not do those things together?! We are excited about our new club. 🙂 Anyways, we continued on the trail and came to a big rock. I wanted a picture on it, but when I tried to get up there I quickly realized that was not going to happen, so we adapted, and this is the picture that I now have to look back on! It still makes me laugh! You can see that Tammy wanted to be in the picture as well.

20180915_103329 (1)

We did find another boulder that I was able to climb on top of to get my picture! Tammy and Alexis even got in the picture! You can see they are just as eager as I am to pose for a picture….NOT!


Just take in this beauty with me! I hope you are enjoying these pictures as much I am!

After a few miles of beauty and fresh air, we finally came to where we would continue on to Cleo’s Bath. We just weren’t expecting what would be waiting for us on the other side of this sign.


We were expecting to hike, and we knew it would be difficult in some areas, as this trail was labeled moderate. We were NOT expecting to be rock climbing, and following faded blue arrows for trail markers. Don’t worry, I’m not complaining. If we didn’t want adventure, we wouldn’t have started the Adventure Club! We just weren’t expecting it. We most definitely made the best of it, and had a BLAST while doing it! Can you see those little blue arrows in the pictures? That is what we relied on to tell us where to go! Check out Tammy and Alexis kicking butt and climbing those rocks!

Those pictures show accurately what the entire “trail” up to Cleo’s Bath was like. It was difficult, but enjoyable. We were definitely rewarded at the top! It was the most mesmerizing view!


We weren’t quite at Cleo’s Bath yet, but we stopped here to rest for a bit and drink some water. Isn’t it pretty? I was humbled when I saw the lake far off in the distance and realized that the lake is where we started. Then I thought about the fact that we have to hike back to that lake as well! Can you see the lake in this picture?

After our little break, we kept on trekking. We finally made it to Cleo’s Bath, only it looked more like Cleo’s Sink. There wasn’t much water. It was still gorgeous though! Next time we do this hike we will come in the spring, or early summer to see it at its full glory with rushing water! There is normally a waterfall spilling into the bath.


We really enjoyed the views from up there! We also sat and ate some snacks while taking the scenery in. I imagine during the spring and early summer the water flows over these boulders into each of the water holes.



After we enjoyed the views, it was time to start hiking back down. It was a little difficult to navigate our way back. We couldn’t find a little blue arrow to point us in the right direction at first, and instead of staying to the left like we were supposed to do, we went right. Oops. We got a bit lost. GPS couldn’t help us here! I thought we were on the right track and lead us down some rocks. Both Tammy and I went down them, sliding! Alexis thought better of it and didn’t feel we were on the right track. Tammy and I had to get back up the rocks we just slid down. That proved to be harder than we thought. Tammy slipped on some loose leaves and skinned her knee. Ouch! Luckily she had brought some band aids with her, and Alexis had some Tylenol. We got her cleaned up and bandaged, and she took a pain pill so she wouldn’t be too uncomfortable on our long hike back. That was when we heard voices! We were only slightly off the “trail.” Instead of going back up that slippery rock, we were able to make our way sideways to where the other hikers were. We found our way, and made the long hike back down. We celebrated when we saw the sign marking the main trail and Cleo’s Bath again! What a feeling of accomplishment! That hike was HARD, but we did it!!


We still had a few more miles left to get back to the lake, but there was no rock climbing involved for this last bit of the trip. The lake was even more beautiful in the afternoon! I loved how sparkly it was with the sun reflecting off of it.

We dragged ourselves back to my car, and took off our hiking boots. My toes were killing me by the end of the hike. I was very glad my mom advised me to bring flip flops to leave in my car. They definitely came in handy! The other ladies vowed to bring some on the next trip. We needed some sustenance after our vigorous activity and decided to stop for pizza on our way out of town. We went to The Pie Pizzeria and split a veggie pizza. It was DELICIOUS! We scarfed down our food, and reflected on the day’s events.

All in all, Cleo’s Bath was about a 10 mile hike, and my Fitbit said we did about 22,000 steps! It was the most difficult hike we had ever done, but also the most fun and rewarding! Nothing beats feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride about something you have done. We are some bad $*% ladies who are ready to take on the next adventure!

Adventure Club

Adventure Club

20180915_101523.jpgAdventure is something that is necessary for all human beings. A sense of adventure should be nurtured and nourished. I have always had a strong sense of adventure.  I have a need…a need to get out into this big beautiful world and explore it. I like to call it Wanderlust. While grand vacations abroad seeing and learning about amazing historical sites, or looking at ancient architecture are ideal to quench my wanderlust, they aren’t always doable, or necessary. I have discovered there is so much beauty to be discovered right here in my own backyard. I have recently gotten interested in hiking with a couple of my friends. I never knew how much I could love something so strenuous at times, but I almost think that is the part I love most. It is the sense of accomplishment I feel after I have navigated rough terrain, pushed my body to its limit, and have been rewarded with the captivating views that keeps me coming back for more. Exploring mother nature with a couple of amazing friends is just good for the soul. On our last hike together to Cleo’s Bath in Pine Crest, CA we decided to start an Adventure Club. We realized we love hiking together, and after talking we discovered that all three of us have a desire to travel. More than just a desire, we are actually willing to put our money where our mouths are and book the trip! That right there is amazing. It is so hard to travel with friends because they usually talk a big game, but when it comes down to it, the trip never takes place for one reason or another (not to say the reasons aren’t good…life happens). Not with these ladies. We say AND we do! I guess I should introduce you to the members of our Adventure Club. First there’s me, Sarah (with the crazy bun), Alexis is in the middle, and then there’s Tammy on the far right.. We are the ladies who are down to explore, travel, and DO! Do is such a simple verb, yet it is so powerful. I want to DO a lot in my life, and that goes for my fellow Adventure Club ladies as well. Stay tuned for lots of posts about all of our adventures with hiking, traveling, and just doing… doing anything that sounds fun and enjoyable. 🙂 I can’t wait to tell you all about our grueling 10 mile hike to Cleo’s Bath. It certainly is an interesting tale. 😉