Lovey Dovey Nails?

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Who doesn’t love being festive? I am queen of festivities! I want to dress up for every holiday. It’s a go big or go home kinda deal. When Color Street launched their Valentine’s Day nails, I about jumped for joy…ok, ok I DID jump for joy! I know many people think Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday thought up by commercial companies to sell cards and candy, but it’s still fun! What is more fun than having an explosion of pink glitter all over your nails? NOTHING, that’s what! So check out these 8 amazing new designs, and let me know which one is your favorite!



If you are as festive as me, you can get a set of these gorgeous, lovey dovey nails using the link below! It’s always buy 3 get 1 free for solids, glitters, and nail art/glitter art. French manicures are buy 1 get 1 free! So much more affordable than taking a trip to the salon!

Get Your Lovey Dovey Nails!

I’m rocking Belize Bellini at the moment, but will be wearing Whole Latte Love, and Cannes-Confetti before February 14th arrives!

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Holiday Nails!

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Color Street has just given us a sneak peak of their brand new Holiday Collection. Let me tell you… they are to DIE for! There is something for everyone! Even if you don’t celebrate the holidays, your nails can be just perfect for the winter season. I can’t wait for these to launch on October 23rd at 9 am PDT! Check out these perfect designs!

Color Street wasn’t originally planning to put out any designs specific to Thanksgiving, but the stylists asked, and they delivered! Look at how cute these are! I will be wearing Turkey Trot. Which one is your Turkey Day Fav.?

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Color Street did an amazing job balancing seasonal with holiday designs. Look at these adorable Christmas themed designs.


Here are some that are more themed toward the winter season!



Now look at these GORGEOUS glitter designs that could be worn anytime! I am getting some major New Year’s Eve vibes from a few of them!


The names of each design were so well thought out! Which designs are your favorite? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts!

You can order your Color Street Holiday nails, join my Customer VIP Group, Join my Color Street team, or even request a sample using the link below!

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